The lively grasshopper went for a walk to the pond and discovered a charming melody. Intrigued, Hopper decided to go on an adventure to find more melodies and combine them to create a beautiful rhythm. Searching for melodies made him happy, but he had to overcome countless enemies and obstacles in his path. Fortunately, Hopper was intelligent, courageous, creative, and hardworking, so he always found a way to collect the melodies and create harmony. At last, he celebrated his musical discovery with his friends.

“Hopper’s Musical Adventure” is a simple game designed for kids aged 4-9 years old and computer science enthusiasts. It is a game of patience, determination, entertainment, and frustration. It teaches fundamentals of programming like commands & sequences, debugging, functions, loops, variables, and algorithms with visual presentation. No prior knowledge about programming is required to play and master this game.  Our main focus is on 21st-century skills for kids like critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, teamwork and complex problem-solving skills.

The main aim of the Hopper is to collect the music melody pieces and bring them together to have a party with his friends! There are perils on the way so he needs your help on this journey!

We believe learning computational thinking in early stage empower children and give
them tools to express themselves. In our game learning is not about forcing children to
adapt knowledge, but letting them creatively lead the way in cleverly designed game
environment. So we believe, to solve the everyday problems everybody needs to learn
basic of computer programming. And it should start from very early stage.